Our Girls

CDN GCH Amistosa’s Eleven Pipers Pipin (Piper) DOB 09/22/2016

Piper’s Pedigree
Piper’s Health Testing

CDN CH Amistosa’s Quintessential Gem (Quinn) DOB 04/03/2018

Quinn’s Pedigree
Quinn’s Health Testing

Amistosa’s Your Wishes Granted (Genie) DOB 03/26/2019

Genie’s Pedigree
Genie’s Health Testing

Almendares Balladyna (Autumn) DOB 02/22/2019

Autumn’s Pedigree
Autumn’s Health Testing (not yet available)

CDN CH Accent-Sonrisas I Got A Secret (SeeSee) DOB 09/20/2012 RETIRED

SeeSee’s Pedigree
SeeSee’s Health Testing

Sonrisas Old Sweet Song (Georgia) DOB 04/02/2014 RETIRED

Georgia’s Pedigree
Georgia’s Health Testing

CDN CH Amistosa’s Gone With The Wind (Scarlett) DOB 02/08/2016 – RETIRED

Scarlett’s Pedigree
Scarlett’s Health Testing