How much does it cost to adopt an Amistosa puppy?
Our puppies are $2,700 each and this price is reflective of the careful breeding choices we make as well as the extensive health testing that is done on the parents prior to breeding and on the puppies before they go to their new homes.

Is there a waitlist to adopt a puppy?
Yes, we generally have a waitlist. In order to be added to our waitlist we require a questionnaire to be completed and returned. If, after reviewing the completed questionnaire, we are in agreement with proceeding, we would then schedule a visit to our home so you can meet us and our dogs and so we can meet you. If all goes well, you would then be added to our waitlist.

At what age are the puppies ready to go to their new homes?
Our puppies are ready to leave mom and go to their new homes at 10 weeks of age.

What kind of dog food do we feed our dogs?
Our dogs currently eat Acana kibble mixed with Fresh Pet soft food.

Where do the puppies live until they are ready to go to their new homes?
Our puppies are whelped in our puppy nursery on the upstairs floor of our home. They will stay in the whelping box where mom has free access to them until they are approximately 4 weeks old. Once they are 4 weeks old the whelping box is removed and replaced with a large puppy pen for the remaining 6 weeks. Mom is still able to get in and out of the pen to care for her babies but they are now able to investigate their surroundings. Weather permitting the puppies are taken outside for playtime several times a day.

Are visits with the puppies permitted?
From the age of approximately 5 or 6 weeks on, we encourage our puppy families to visit a couple of times, if possible. This allows us to get to know our families better and it gives us a chance to watch them interact with the puppies. Socialization is very important to the puppy’s development and although we have a large family with lots of activity, it is really beneficial for them to be exposed to lots of people and lots of stimuli

How do puppies get matched with their new families?
We endeavour to match our puppies to their new family based on temperament and the family dynamic and activity level. Many potential puppy families start out requesting a specific coat colour however we do not place puppies based on that criteria. With the Havanese, it is very likely that the coat colour will change from what they have as a young puppy unless they start out very light coloured or white. Some dogs lighten and then darken again as they get older while others develop colour banding in their coats. Often colours will soften as they mature.
Although we try to accommodate specific gender requests, we encourage our families to stay flexible because we can’t always guarantee that a male or female will be available or have the right temperament.

Can I get a puppy shipped to me?
No unfortunately we do not ship our puppies as it poses too much of a risk to the well-being of the dog. We have placed pups in New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Quebec, Ottawa and Northern Ontario and we have also imported from the USA, The Netherlands, Poland and Cuba and all puppies have traveled accompanied in the plane’s cabin.